Gene Chou

Mr. Chou is a well-known entrepreneur (built three successful companies) and private investor. He has been involved in manufacturing, global supply chain, outsourcing, logistics, investment and financing for over 18 years in the US, Europe and China. He was instrumental in helping several multinational companies setup their operations and supply base in China successfully, most notably General Motors. In total, Gene managed projects valued over $1.7B. More over, he held two top executive positions at companies with over $100M in annual sales. He gives seminars to corporation executives two or three times per year sharing his experience of how to do business with China. He has a Master's Degree from Michigan State University.

Jim Wilson
President - Transportation

Jim Wilson has extensive knowledge of operations, technology, strategy and consulting through his work on multiple transportation projects. He worked for the Sante Fe Railway Copmany as the Assistant Vice President of Operations from 1991-1995, Consultant of the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program for 10 years and Vice Chairman and President of the Great Lakes Basin Railroad from 2014-2017. Jim also is an active member of the Union League Club of Chicago and the Chicago Railroad Superintendents Association.  After receiving his Bachelors in Business Administration from Wichita State University, Jim rose through the ranks of Santa Fe Railway Company. Today, he has over 25 years of transportation consultation and leads our Transportation Management Team.

Dan Brink
Chief Investment Officer

Dan is a member of the management team and Chief Investment Officer.

He provides domestic and foreign clients with a wide range of legal services. He has a great deal of experience in general business matters as well as international and cross-border activities. He has in-depth experience in all facets of international law and practice. Early in his career, he practiced with a global law firm in its European practice, which was headquartered in London. This gave him a unique insight into how foreign advisors and businesses view U.S. legal and business practices. Dan returned to Wisconsin to apply his legal expertise to small, medium and large companies. Mr. Brink received his Bachelors in Economics at Marquette University and Law Degree from Georgetown Law School.

Cathryn Austin

Cathryn is a licensed real estate and commercial broker. Since 1960 she was a real estate developer in State of New South Wales called Shoalhaven. She has completed over A$100 million in deals around Australia including agriculture, industrial facilities, warehouse, real estate and commercial transactions.

Ray Shorrocks

Ray works alongside our Asset Management team on various types of projects. Namely, he brings multiple decades of experience in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) from his years at ASX to our consulting services. Mr. Shorrocks is responsible for four listing companies at ASX where he also assisted in underwriting stock sales. Moreover, Ray is a director of Patersons Securities Limited, Chairman of Republic Gold Limited (ASX: RAU), board director of Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, and financial controller of BBY Limited. He received his education at Sydney University and New South Wales University.

John Rigg
Managing Member

John Rigg, Managing Member, Nautilus Asia Pacific Management, LLC. (USA) Over a 10 year career with the world’s largest management consulting firm Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Mr. Rigg had the opportunity to work with businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Asia including global leaders IBM and Microsoft. He has a diverse background in business from hi-tech, aerospace, finance, natural resources, and retail, to manufacturing and government. Under his leadership, while helping clients to be more successful, Mr. Rigg grew the revenue and personnel of the Andersen Consulting office in Western Canada by 350% over a 4 year period. Mr. Rigg is a graduate of Electronic Engineering Technology from Lambton College and serves as a Managing Member of NAPM.

Larry Dawley
NAPM Aviation President

Larry involved himself in multiple aspects of light gage stainless welded products. He was involved in developing processes of welding components which were not typically welded. These early year challenges in product development served as the foundation to service the high demand associated with product reliability when he opened Dawley Aviation in 1985 to repair aircraft exhaust systems for the general aviation industry.

He is a pilot and certified A&P (Airframe Power plant Mechanic). Early on he was the first to establish a one year unlimited hours warranty on aircraft exhaust systems repaired by their facility. Viewed as the pioneer in Aircraft Exhaust Repair with nearly a half million dependable systems rebuilt to date.

Matthew Schofield
Due Diligence Lead

Matt leads our due diligent team. He is also a partner at ShineWing Hall Chadwick from December 2009 to now. He is in-charge of auditing, corporation consulting and financial advisory business. He worked at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as an auditing partner from July 2007 to Oct 2009.

James Lu

James has 20 years of experience in industrial investment, private equity and fund management.  He has held various positions in stock listing company, industrial investment group, PE and fund as investment officer, director of investment, risk control director and vice president.

Very familiar with China domestic financial market, specially at culture and media, high tech sector, environmental industry, modern agriculture and finance investment that has successfully invested and managed projects.  The projects involve from VC、PE、industrial investment and M&A activities.  Holds master degreed from Shanghai Financial an Economic University with CFA.