Company Background

Additional Information

Nautilus Asia Pacific Management, LLC (NAPM) was established in March 2004 by two successful businessmen in China and the USA to take advantage of the growing economy in China and the many resultant business opportunities available between China and the US.

Our business model is focused on developing opportunities in the fields of aviation, energy, automotive and technology. Our company philosophy is such that we seek out business whenever possible that will create jobs in the US.  Furthermore, we are intensely interested in improving the world’s environment for the betterment of mankind and as a result explore opportunities to assist China to create alternative energy sources including waste to energy, cleaner burning fuels, and the conversion of coal to gas.

When we are doing business in China, we are implementing our policy that is “bring the best of West to the East”.  Initial focus is China industry and started a strategic banking co-operation relation.  It includes many Fortune 500 companies like GM, Ford, Delphi, Visteon, Johnson Controls, Lear, Magna and other tier one suppliers.  It also involves retailer chain as Wal-Mart and Circuit City.

NAPM has established several joint ventures with Chinese corporations and governments in broad development projects. In May 2007 NAPM signed an agreement to become an authorized professional services firm for the establishment of the Tianjin Aviation Supply Chain Base in support of the Airbus A320 program in the Tianjin Aviation Industry Park. Through our Chinese partners and high level contacts, NAPM is well positioned to participate and aid in the fast growing economies of the Asia Pacific Rim.

Nautilus works with its financial partners -- Bank of America, Wachovia, HSBC, AIG, China Mingsheng Bank, China Agriculture Bank, China Construction Bank and  Australia and New Zealand Bank -- to develop its business in the Asia Pacific region.

Strategic Value


NAPM team has completed numerous projects in Fund Management, Supply Chain and Investment across our four strategic areas (Agriculture, Aviation, Assets, Automotive). We use this experience to best service our clients' need. 


NAPM has valuable connections in the U.S. and China. We have working relationships with 80% of Chinese airlines, Airbus JV, Tianjin Supply Chain Development Committee, among others. 


Our Team has a diverse background in international finance, trade, supply chain and law. NAPM pools the expertise to provide a variety of professional consultations in the

Chinese Market.