NAPM continues its involvement in GM, Ford, Chrysler, and other tier one suppliers to establish their presence in China. We are also the founder of Michigan–China coalition that was instrumental for our 120 member companies to expend their businesses including marketing and investment in China. Today, NAPM has multiple clients from North America, Europe and Asia. We focus on supply efficiency, strategic M&A and smart investments for our clients being introduced into the Chinese automotive industry.

North American Customers:


Bard International

Blissfield Manufacturing Products Depco Int’l Inc.

Dina Autobuses 

Ford Motor Company

General MotorsCorporation 

JL French Corporation

MacDonald Enterprises 

Eurpoean and Asian Customers:

Chinese Automobile Co., LTD.


Farndon Engineering

Perkins Engine


Rover International

Worwag Coatings LLP

ZF Friedrichshafen AG