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Nautitlus Asia Pacific Management, LLC (NAPM) is an international investment and trade company with operations in China, Australia and the USA.  Our mission is Stability under Pressure. Over the last 14 years, NAPM has successfully established business relationships with major Asian companies and top level governments, especially in China.  With our partners, Nautilus is able and willing to help Asia Pacific regions develop their objectives.

Our business includes four core areas, the four A's: automotive, aviation, agriculture and assets.  It involves Sino-US trade and investment in several industry sectors such as energy (gas, oil and power plant), automobile, real estate, retailing, electronic, medical and health services, material (steel and coal) and aviation.  In addition, Sino-Australia trade and investment with financing and invesment banking.  Our motto is to create mutually beneficial jobs in the USA and China as we seek business opportunities.


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Honorable Secretary of State Baker
Honorable Secretary of State Baker

Mayor of Shangai, Mr. Hanzheng
Mayor of Shangai, Mr. Hanzheng

Aviation Alliances
Aviation Alliances

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Honorable Secretary of State Baker
Honorable Secretary of State Baker




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Email: gchou@nautilusap.com

Tel: China (86) 21-6208-1293

      USA    (1) 727-667-6471 

Head Offices

Global Headquarters
2067 Yan'an West Road
Super Ocean Tower, Suite 1207
Changning District, Shanghai 200336

P.R. of China
Tel: (86) 21-6208-1293


USA Headquarters
140 Island Way #246
Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767
Tel: (1) 727-667-6471 

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